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Boating & Snorkeling Safety Tips

Welcome Aboard!
Carefully and Closely Read These Safety Tips

Boat Safety Tips


◆  If you have questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask the captain or a crew member.

◆  Board the vessel carefully. The gangplank moves so look down and carefully place your feet. If there is a gap between the boat and the dock, step over it very carefully.

◆  If you need help carrying your breakfast, lunch or any other items, always ask a crew member for assistance.

◆  While the boat is underway remain seated. If you must move around use handrails.

◆  The boat deck can be slippery so walk carefully and deliberately.

◆  Never run while aboard the vessel. Move about the boat carefully. Wet decks may be slippery.

◆  Always keep one hand for yourself and one hand holding onto the boat while standing or moving about.

◆  Hold onto the rail when you are on the dive step. The boat may move unexpectedly.

◆  Assist children on the staircases, and always use a handrail. The crew will be glad to help.

◆  Do not stand on the seats. On Malolo, do not stand up on the trampolines. Lie down or stay seated.

◆  No alcohol is served in the harbor or until after all water activities are finished.

◆  You are using the water slide and the jump platform at your own risk.

◆  Always look below before going down the water side or jumping off the jump platform. Follow all lifeguard orders for using waterslides and jumping areas. Swim around the back of the boat to re-board the boat.

◆  Always Go Feet First Down A Waterslide.

◆  Never dive, run or flip from the jump platform on the Calypso.

◆  Be Aware Of Your Surroundings.

◆  Watch for wave surges while on or near the dive step, or near the shoreline.

◆  Never touch any lines or rope.

◆  Place your hands carefully on the divestep so they are not pinched.

◆  Do not wear fins onboard the boat. Put them on when you are sitting on the steps that lead into the water.

◆  Remove fins before climbing back on board the boat.

Snorkel & Swim Safety Tips

Notify the captain if you have a pre-existing medical condition before snorkeling or swimming.

If you are beginner, aren’t a strong swimmer, smoke, are overweight, or have health issues, you should (1) attend the Captains Snorkel 101 Course at the first dive site; (2) wear a flotation device; (3) stay close to a lifeguard; and (4) don’t swim too far from the boat!

Always snorkel with a buddy and stay within 10 feet (3 meters) of your buddy. Notify your buddy if you are going to swim back to the boat.

The boat is equipped with numerous types of flotation devices, including noodles, boogie boards and life jackets. Use a flotation device if you aren’t confident in your swimming abilities.

Know your own abilities. Always keep in mind that you need to have enough energy to swim back to the boat.

If you are overweight or have a heart condition, know your limitations.

At Molokini it is unlawful to fish for, catch, take, injure, kill, possess, or remove any finfish, crustacean, mollusk, including sea shell and opihi, live coral, algae or limu, or other marine life, or eggs.

At Molokini it is unlawful to take, alter, deface, destroy, possess, or remove any sand coral, rock, or other geological feature, or specimen.

At Molokini it is unlawful to feed or deliberately introduce any food, material, substance, or attractant, directly to or in the vicinity of any aquatic organism, by any means for any purpose.

Do not go onto the islands of Molokini or Lanai. 

Do not fish, feed fish, or touch wildlife.

Do not approach or touch wildlife.

Do not try to dive below the surface of the water. Diving below the surface exposes the ears to increasing pressure, which can cause permanent injury.

Don’t Swim Under The Boat.

Stay Between The boat and Molokini/Lanai.

If you need immediate help, wave and shout loudly for help.

If you require assistance while in the water, ask the lifeguard.

If you drop your mask or lose a fin, return to the boat to get new gear. Never dive for the lost gear.

Always stay within shouting distance of the boat.

Stay away from the shoreline or shallow water. A surge could push you against the rocks!