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Snorkel Gear Rentals

Deluxe Maui Snorkel Rentals

Set Includes:

1 Top Quality Silicone Mask

This premium silicone mask features a 100% silicone skirt with tempered glass lenses. The silicone skirt forms to your face, so you get a perfect fit every time.

1 Aqualung Impulse II Dry Snorkel

This great snorkel features a bottom purge valve as well as a one way vented valve at the top. No more mouthfuls of water while you’re snorkeling! It’s also super easy to clear out any salt water. Having a quality snorkel makes a world of difference to your snorkeling experience!

2 Malaysian Rubber Fins

Our fins come in all sizes and feature a full foot design that is comfortable and will easily move you over the reef.

1 Large Mesh Carry Bag

A quality mesh snorkel bag is provided to easily carry all your gear from your condo to the beach.

1 Bottle of No Fog Solution

A bottle of our special No Fog product comes with every snorkel set rental. No Fog keeps your mask from fogging up, and allows for hours of crystal clear reef viewing.

*All snorkel and beach rentals come with our exclusive snorkeling map of the best spots for snorkeling, body boarding and surfing.

a man swimming in a body of water