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Molokini Video Gallery

Check out this Molokini video gallery!

There is no substitute for actually being in the crystal blue water at the crater, but until you get here, please enjoy this Molokini video gallery we’ve put together for you.

We have aerial footage, plenty of underwater life in motion, and even the sound of scuba bubbles to transport you to this beautiful snorkel and dive site. Relax, watching the sunlight glint off the gentle blue Molokini waves surrounding the dive boat. Take deep breaths before imagining jumping into the water with your fellow snorkelers. Get curious as you watch Hawaiian cleaner wrasses pick off parasites at cleaning stations. Feel the excitement as a whitetip reef shark cruises by. Gaze in awe at the legendary Hawaiian green sea turtles. There is at least one frogfish swimming around in all this video, too! That fish is an expert at camouflage, so it can be really hard to find when you’re in the water. Consider yourself lucky that one has been “caught” for you here!

We look forward to bringing you out to the crater so that you can make your own Molokini video. See you soon!

Snorkeling in Molokini Crater off Maui offers the chance to snorkel with trumpetfish, jacks, moray eels, reef sharks and moorish idols. This Molokini snorkeling video is a composite of underwater snorkel clips shot over 4 hours. There are numerous charter boat tours for snorkeling in Molokini Crater – a Marine Life Conservation District. Most snorkelers consider the left, eastern side of the crater to be better. Keep an eye out for the old cannon embedded in the coral.

Molokini is one of the popular dive sites off the southwest side of Maui. Expect to see moray eel, yellow tang, raccoon butterflyfish, yellowfin goatfish, sea stars, Hawaiian green sea turtles, whitetip reef sharks, and more. Not too far from Maui is a cave complex easily accessible from shore. It’s fun to pop up in the middle of a cave and hear the cave “breathe air” as the water moves in and out!